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halle berry plastic surgery Celebrities are notorious for getting plastic surgeries on any part of the body, in a bid to get those perfect Hollywood bodies. Halle Berry is not left out in this race. Over the years, changes have been noted in the structure of her body and beauty, and several people have come out saying that she went under the knife. Well, as expected, she has often denied these claims, but you can be the judge of the decision they make.

Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

With the right amount of make-up and a good make-up artist, one’s nose shape can be edited to look perfectly streamlined. However, with Halle Berry’s nose, expert critics have noted that it’s not owed to a perfect paint job. Even without make-up, one can see that her current nose is more edgy, streamlined, pointed and thinner. That screams plastic surgery!’ in all its rights. Critics have gone further to dispute the claims that maybe the change could be owed to weight loss. They have compared her nose shape at different times when her body weight is the same, and the difference is distinct. One can clearly see the difference in these photos.

Breast implants

Almost all women want their clothes to fit perfectly at the bust, and the urge is crazier in celebrities. Halle Berry plastic surgery procedures are purported to include a breast job. Her cup size seems to have been enhanced to a lovely 36C. Some people have disputed this claim by saying that the change in breast size could be owed to the fact that she has had two children. This is very true; women’s breast size tends to increase after child delivery where they become fuller. However, critics had gone ahead to make a comparison before she delivered her children. She got her first child in 2007, hence any photos before then can be used to prove the breast implant surgery. In the 1997 photo, her cup size could have been an A. In the 2006 photo before child delivery her bust is much fuller.

The good thing about Halle Berry plastic surgery procedures is that they don’t go over the top. She still maintains her natural beauty by getting additions that look natural. Her breast implants fit her size and body shape perfectly, and her nose job is almost unnoticeable. She is a beautiful woman who has a striking beauty even in her 40s, so these small improvements are just but an addition.

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