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elizabeth berkley plastic surgery If you think back several years, you just might remember the hot CSI star Elizabeth Berkley as Jessi Spano on the show Saved By the Bell. Looking at her photos now, you would never be able to guess that this beauty is in her 40s, which is exactly why there are so many rumors about Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery.  So, what plastic surgery is she believed to have had? Let’s find out.

Nose Job

There has been tons of surgery discussions about this lovely lady’s nose. The jury is actually still out on whether she has had a nose job, but considering the pert little upturned nose she was sporting in her early acting days and a slightly smaller tip now, we think it just could be a possibility.

Botox or Facelift

Other rumors are flying around about whether the procedures includes Botox injections. While there are some women who are lucky enough to truly age gracefully, Elizabeth has no wrinkles at all!  She is in her 40s, so you would expect to see a few crow’s feet at least. There are also plenty of rumors about a facelift, but this one is a little tricky. Elizabeth is not really old enough to have the tell-tale sagginess around her neck and chin, I mean come on, she is only 41!  I would have to say that while the Botox is a definite possibility, the facelift might be pushing it a bit too far.

Breast Implants

Elizabeth Berkley enhancement discussions almost always include the possibility of a boob job, and out of all of the rumors, this one seems to be spot on.  All you have to do is check out the side profile of Ms. Berkley when she was playing her role as Jessi, and compare it to her now. There is definitely a little more of the “girls” visible than ever before!

While there is plenty of speculation surrounding Berkley cosmetic enhancement rumors, the truth is, none of these rumors have been substantiated by Ms. Berkley herself.  I guess it is always possible that she is simply aging beautifully, and uses super push up bras. Either way, if she has had all of this work done, she has obviously chosen not to go overboard like some actresses. Instead, it seems as if she has just tried to keep her youthfulness.

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