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denise richards plastic surgery Being married for four years to Charlie Sheen, and having two daughters with him made it nearly impossible for actress Denise Richards to stay out of the spotlight, especially considering Sheen’s escapades of the past few years and Richards ends up with temporary custody of Sheen’s two sons for a brief period.

Denise Richards Boob Job
Denise Richards Boob Job

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Before & After

Richards, 43, and former fashion model spent most of the 1990s starring in low budget films and television shows, until she got a guest-starring run on Melrose Place in 1996 and her first starring role in the movie Starship Troopers. She met Sheen on the set of the 2000 movie Good Advice.

However, despite the fact that Richards is a former fashion model and successful actress, she has openly admitted she has not always been happy with her body image. In an interview with Howard Stern, in not so many words, she admitted to having breast implants, telling Stern her breasts are natural on the outside, but not on the inside.

After the interview with Stern, Richards admitted to having breast augmentation surgery at least three times, fully admitting the second time was a mistake because the doctor assumed since she was an actress that she wanted an extra large augmentation. Other plastic surgeons have stated they believe she did not communicate her expectations of the surgery to her selected surgeon all that well. Richards’ third surgery was for a breast reduction.

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery
Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

While Richards has never publicly admitted to having any cosmetic surgery done to her face, she was spotted at a red-carpet event in September 2010 sporting a very tight and shiny facial complexion. It was even said that her face was “frozen” in some key areas that she could not even make a facial expression. This sparked several rumors that she had Botox injections or facial fillers.  Some even argued that her facial features have not changed considerably through the years.

Recent photos of Richards have renewed interest in whether or not she has had plastic surgery done on her face as she is pictured with a slightly different looking face, perhaps noticeably a bit wider.

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