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courtney love plastic surgery gone wrong

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courtney love plastic surgery Courtney Love, known for her roles as songstress for Hole, Kurt Cobain’s widow, and as a woman who has dealt with some serious drug issues, has now found another reason to enter the limelight.  While normally said limelight is a good thing for celebrities, I am positive that the ex-blonde bombshell is not quite so welcoming of this attention.

There are rumors concerning Courtney Love plastic surgery, mostly concerning whether she had a facelift, fillers, lip injections, and Botox injections.  But really, is there any doubt that this lady has obviously gone under the knife?  All you have to do is compare her before and after photos, and there is very little doubt that something went wrong!

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

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One Courtney Love enhancement rumor is that she had a facelift at round the age of 35.  The tightness of her skin certainly gives credence to this, as does the lack of any wrinkles or sagging skin around her neck.


Fillers are generally used to fill out any lines in the face, and help plump up the skin to help with sagging.  The general plumpness of Courtney’s face and cheeks certainly give credit to the rumor question, as does the lack of wrinkles or other signs of aging.  However, now she has a nearly frozen face that just does not allow her the freedom of facial expressions.


If you are in the limelight, and you have noticed even the slightest sign of crow’s feet, it is almost a given that you have had Botox injections.  In Courtney’s case, she is 49, yet has no sign of wrinkles anywhere around those baby blues of hers – a sure sign that the rumor is true.


There is also speculation that Ms. Love has had lip injections to make her pout just a bit fuller.  Her photos give plenty of evidence that this is true as well.  Her lips are not massively larger than before, but there is definitely some plumpness in her smile.

The Courtney Love plastic surgery rumors are not necessarily rumors at all – the songstress has actually admitted that she had procedures done, but without the stunning results she was expecting.  As a result, Courtney admits she had more procedures done in an effort to fix the previous ones, all with results that were even worse than the ones before.

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