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coco austin butt implants

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coco austin butt implants In Hollywood, you can become famous in one of two different ways. Either you become a celebrity yourself or you get married to one. In the case of Coco Austin, it is the latter as she is currently the wife of rapper Ice T. While most celebrities are under fire for supposedly having plastic surgery, few are as controversial as this lady. The Coco Austin butt implants saga is something of a running gag among the Paparazzi as well as other celebrities since they are on constant alert as to what new procedure she has done recently.

coco austin butt implants
coco austin butt implants

Coco Austin Butt Implants Before & After

Coco certainly does not shy away from the camera and she has no compunction posting racy photos of herself (some selfies and others taken by her own photographer, who is said to be on stipend), which is why it is not too hard to track the changes in her body. Perhaps the most controversial cosmetic enhancement she got was butt implants mainly because she already had an ample backside even before she became famous. These days, she flaunts her voluptuous body every chance she gets, which is a lot since she likes the beach quite a bit.

In the past, Coco Austin has been adamant in denying that she ever had any plastic surgery done. These days, however, she seems content with being tabloid fodder and sometimes even encourages it by posting photos of herself in all sorts of poses. Her husband Ice T seems to be comfortable with the changes in his wife, which is good because he does foot the bill for all the enhancements Coco get. Some would say that it is refreshing to have a celebrity who is comfortable with plastic surgery as if it is the most natural thing in the world. Others criticize Austin, citing her penchant for cosmetic enhancements as a sign of deep seated insecurity and extreme vanity.

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