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Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery Details – Before and After

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery

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A few decades ago, the media and people all over the world would frown at all the celebrities who were having plastic surgeries. However as time went by, we slowly got used to the fact that most female celebrities were going under the knife in order to enhance their beauty or maintain their youth. Despite the fact that we accepted these surgeries, we did look up to the few celebrities who were aging with grace. Furthermore, back then, we were happy to know that at least the male celebrities were all natural. However, nowadays, there’s an increasing number of male stars who choose to enhance their look through plastic surgery. Sadly, the results of most surgeries are somehow grotesque. Yet, from time to time, a few famous people manage to pull off a successful plastic surgery. Such is the case of Clay Aiken, who turned from a shy duckling into a sexy swan overnight. The cause of this miraculous look change was of course plastic surgery. Lets take a look on some before and after pictures and dig a little deeper into the Clay Aiken plastic surgery rumors.

Are the rumors true?

Unlike most celebrities, Clay Aiken chose to be honest about his plastic surgery. He openly admitted that he had some work done on his face. His statement should have ended all of the Clay Aiken plastic surgery rumors and debates. However, we suspect that Clay’s statement was far from a full disclosure. According to him, he was about to undergo a TMJ procedure when he suddenly decided to also get the fat removed from his chin, since the doctors were gonna work around that area anyhow. TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction) is a term which covers a wide variety of mandibular disorders. Although we appreciate that Clay admitted to have gone under the knife, we are a little too familiar with the half-truths that celebrities share in order to appear honest. For example, a lot of celebrities who get their noses done claim that they had to do the procedures due to sinus problems. Far be it from us to doubt of Clay Aiken’s health problems but we have to admit that the whole scenario is a little suspicious. Furthermore, if we analyze some before and after photos, we realize that Clay was not completely honest with us. He also appears to have had his nose done and his cheeks are also more plump. Some people even suggest that he had some work done on his eyelids. Now, in all fairness, the first picture is ten years old and it is possible for Clay’s face to have matured with age. Nevertheless, it is very unlikely for his nose to have matured.

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Is this a plastic success story?

While we generally disprove of most celebrity plastic surgeries, we have to admit that Clay’s surgeries were quite successful. Not only has he managed to improve his look but the results are very subtle. Generally, there is a smaller interest on male plastic surgeries than it is on female surgeries, the only exception being the debates which have taken over the internet. nevertheless, these two cases are completely different. While Lee Min Ho chose to soften his features, Clay Aiken choose to make his face look more masculine. We mustn’t be very harsh on celebrities who have plastic surgeries. Most people have a certain level of insecurity when it comes to their looks and it takes a strong character to accept one’s flaws when they are always in the highlight. Nevertheless, once they go down this road, it is important for celebrities to know when to stop. The Clay Aiken plastic surgery may have been a success but there are countless celebrities who are more plastic than human.

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