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christina ricci plastic surgery Christina Ricci was all our favorites as Wednesday in The Adams Family but time flies because that ten year old is now 33 and she has had a few things done since that time. One of them is plastic surgery and she admits to one procedure which is obvious and that is her nose.

In older pictures you can see she has a much plumper nose, but as of now it is slim and contoured and it almost makes her look like a different person with hair color as well in photos. Christina has also had a breast reduction, which is an odd change for Hollywood starlets because most opt for breast augmentation, but it is reported she first sported her new breasts in Sleepy Hollow.

Most of the plastic surgeons who have evaluated Christina’s pictures say her nose was done very well and that it is sculptured perfectly to fit her face and there is not speculation on other procedures because she admitted to this one. However, plastic surgery in Hollywood is the deal with keeping your fountain of youth.

Starlets try to get surgery and say “who me? Never” but the pictures don’t lie, well that much. These two procedures are all that the 34 year old starlet has done so far but she is young. There could be more procedures going on with Christina Ricci because one nip and tuck adds another and another and so on.

Let us all hope she is satisfied and stays out from under the knife because there is much to be said for natural beauty and Christina really is a beautiful star. Here is hoping she stays this way. Oh and let us also hope she gets some more acting work as well.

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