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bristol palin plastic surgery

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bristol palin plastic surgery Bristol Palin has found herself in the public and media spotlight after her recent photos showing a complete facial transformation were posted on the internet. Her past photos showed a rounder face, but the current pictures revealed an angular and slimmer face indicating possibilities of plastic surgery. She has come out strongly to deny these allegations, saying her facial transformation is like a result of corrective jaw surgery which she had undertaken but not plastic surgery.

Bristol Palin said the reason she undertook a corrective jaw surgery is for medical reasons of aligning her jaw and teeth. She added by saying the result of the surgery made her look more mature without the little baby’s face.

Despite the young star who is in her early 20s denying the allegations of having involved in any surgery, her facial aesthetic shows otherwise. Critics have gone ahead to analyze Bristol Palin plastic surgery current and past photos. It has been pinpointed that she has reduced forehead lines, crow’s feet and frown lines irrespective of her young age. Her eyelid and facial skin look bunched up, and she appears to have a very deep Nasolabial fold.

Despite lack of official confirmation of these speculations, there is no doubt that the young Bristol Palin has had a nose job. If you are comparing her current and past photos, you will notice a big difference in her new nose structure. Here recent photos show perfectly straight dorsal aesthetic lines indicating the  possibilities of nasal restructuring or reshaping. Lack of the dorsal hump may indicate possibilities of dorsal hump removal. Her nasal tip appears more projected with thinner and pinched nose bridge.

bristol palin plastic surgery
bristol palin plastic surgery

Deep speculations on Bristol Palin surgery are still being posted online with some saying that a third of her face has moderate excess skin at the anterior neckline and prominent chin fat. This shows possibilities of dermal fillers and chin surgery. Her cheeks appear fuller possibilities of Botox injections. Chin surgery could have been done to realign the lower jaw and her teeth. Palin accepted chin surgery but denied it was for cosmetic purpose, but for medical reasons.

All in all, the young Bristol Palin appears more beautiful, young and attractive. Despite the allegations, it is good to say that the only surgery she could have undertaken was good skin care, dermal fillers, Botox injections and nose job. All these have completely transformed her into a beautiful young-looking woman.

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