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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

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Cameron Diaz captured anyone’s attention when she appeared in “The Mask ”, a movie that made her famous for her acting talent, but also for her natural beauty. However, the Hollywood star who impressed anyone with her nice features admitted recently that she used Botox injections in order to hide her aging signs, which is something that she regrets now. Furthermore, there are many other Cameron Diaz plastic surgery rumors according to which the actress also used breast implants to achieve a more feminine look.

Cameron Diaz lifestyle advice

Cameron Diaz recently released “The Body Book”, which has the role to serve as a source of inspiration for those who want to learn more about how to stay in the best shape possible. She provides advice on how to take care of skin, and how to maintain a balanced life through diet, fitness and exercise. Apparently, the star uses her own example to show people that although beauty is relative, there ways of taking care of yourself without turning to cosmetic surgery. Moreover, she admits the fact that she used Botox injections and that she would never make the same mistake again.

Botox injections

There are many Cameron Diaz plastic surgery speculations, but the star who began her career as a model denied all the rumors that involved her having cosmetic procedures. Yet, she admitted that she received a Botox treatment because she felt the need of improving her aspect at a certain point. However, she was very disappointed with the results, ans she concluded that she would rather see her face aging than getting stuck with a face that doesn’t belong to her. Furthermore, Cameron said that Botox injections changed her face in a very negative way, which made her feel very weird, and that is why she prefers to have aging signs instead.

Breast implants

The Cameron Diaz plastic surgery speculations turned out to be false after she declared during an interview that she is does not like the idea of cutting herself up. Moreover, she said that is very happy with the way she looks now, and that is why she will never opt getting breast implants. Still, as we analyze some older pictures of the actress, we can see that there are some Cameron Diaz plastic surgery signs. Based on certain specialists’ opinion, she went from having almost no breast at all, to an A or a B cup size.

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