Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery

Before and After Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery

The road to eternal youth is paved with plastic surgeries. A lot of celebrities are well known for their addiction to plastic surgeries. Most of the surgeries are pretty obvious especially the ones which have gone downhill. Such is the case of Donatella Versace, Dolly Parton, Pricilla Presley and even younger celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan. However, there are certain celebrities who maintain their youthful appearance in a very subtle way and they always keep us wondering whether or not they have gone under the knife. The recent appearances of Olivia Newton John were very suspicious since the fabulous Grease star is one of the most beautiful older women in Hollywood. However, this classy lady can no longer blame her eternal youth on good genes as the rumors of her plastic surgery are sustained even by her family and friends. Recently, a scandal magazine revealed the fact that Olivia’s old friend, John Travolta staged a private intervention for her in order to wake her up from this surgery obsession. Whether or not the Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgeries are true, one thing is for sure: her surgeries are far from being a disaster as this lady looks simply stunning.

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery

There are numerous controversies around plastic surgeries. In certain parts of the world they are viewed as something normal and the people who undergo them are not judged in any way. A relevant proof of this fact is the Lee Min Ho surgery which increased the popularity of the rising North Korean TV star. However, things are a little different in America where we judge even Hollywood legends such as Olivia Newton John. In order to look eternally young, the 65 years old diva seems to have gone under the knife more than once. The Olivia Newton John Rumors suggest that the Grease sweat heart has has lower and upper eyelid surgeries, face lifts, brow lifts, facial fillers, dermal injections, lip implants and numerous Botox injections. In fact, in the twisted Hollywood world, Botox injection are no longer considered plastic surgeries but a periodical beauty treatment. Its just something that you must do once in a while. However, a lot of fans say that Olivia has exaggerated with her plastic surgery obsession and her face is starting to show a plastic look.

Before and After Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery photos

The before and after photos of the Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery rumors are simple photos where Olivia looks different. There is no time frame on the photos and a lot of people say that it is normal for a woman to change the way she looks over the years. However, Olivia’s recent photos show a woman who shares no features with the beloved Grease star. It is as if we were looking at two different women. Olivia has never admitted to any of her plastic surgeries and she blames her youthful look on good genes. However, it is very unlikely for good genes to change a person’s features. Although we love Olivia and we have to admit that she looks very good for her age, we think that it is time to end her obsession before things get out of control.


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