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Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Patient or Not?

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery

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It is no longer a surprise or major story that celebrities, and people in the limelight in general sometimes take on plastic surgery to improve their looks, enhance certain body parts, or make themselves look younger. The appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin is one of the most dreaded experiences by women, and it is quite understandable that celebrities will be more susceptible to that. In a business where looks make or break a career, and where a younger woman or man is always ready to take up your spot, the competition is fierce and people will do anything to avoid being forgotten, or having their careers end. And it’s not just the biggest movie stars or singers who have plastic surgery done, it happens with smaller, television personalities as well. One of them supposedly is television anchor Barbara Walters.

When it comes to Barbara Walters plastic surgery rumors, there is little to go on because she denies it, but the results are quite visible. Being at a considerable age, and with a few decades of experience on daytime television and a great career to be proud of, Walters must have reached a point where she felt the harsh competitiveness, even in television. Now over 80 years old, she is still a beautiful and active woman, but this is precisely what makes the rumors around her plastic surgery interventions even more credible.

In her youth, Walters was indeed a very beautiful and attractive woman, but nobody can remain unchanged in time. Her denying having any interventions done is her own right, but that doesn’t prevent us from comparing before and after pictures and noticing the differences. The easiest way to analyze Barbara Walters plastic surgery is by taking her features separately and comparing them with older photos from her youth. Not counting for weight changes, hairstyle, makeup and even light in the photo, we can still notice whether any major changes were done.

First of all, if you look at her eyelids, you can see they are more drawn back than before, in that more of the eyelid is exposed; as we get older and our skin sags, the eyes are the first to tell-tale, which is why brow lifting is one of the most common surgeries. And when it comes to Barbara Walters plastic surgery interventions, it is quite clear this is an area she got work done to. Second of all, a woman’s neck is another clear sign of aging; the skin sags and looks too soft, whereas Barbara’s has clearly been lifted and tightened. Because her eyebrows also look more raised and parted, she must have had extensive facial plastic surgery, fill-in jobs,  perhaps even a nose job.

Whether these conclusions are true or not we’ll never know for sure, but if indeed they are, we can at least all agree she was one of the fortunate patients of plastic surgery, because her results are subtle and natural enough to make her look better without completely changing her face.

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