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Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Gone Awry

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Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery It’s never good when it’s shockingly obvious that a celebrity has decided to go through with plastic surgery.

This almost always means that a plastic surgery procedure was botched somewhere along the way, resulting in unnatural features that are immediately apparent and obvious to everyone with a brain. This usually (but not always) destroys the otherwise natural beauty of a particular Hollywood starlet or hunk, and leaves people like us wondering why they would have taken the risk in the first place.

That’s exactly what people are thinking about the latest Ashley Judd plastic surgery pictures.

It almost looks like her face is swollen on a permanent basis

Far and away one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and one of the most beautiful women on the planet, Ashley Judd may have just turned 46 but she certainly didn’t look like it – though it would have been difficult to tell through all of the Ashley Judd plastic surgery procedures that have been performed in just the last few years.

Pictures that were taken in 2005 show a smiley, thin faced, absolutely gorgeous knockout Hollywood star in her prime – but pictures taken recently show just how much Ashley Judd plastic surgery has been performed, and how far celebrities can stray from what they used to look like.

Today, Ashley Judd has a face that is almost twice as around as it used to be – and it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her putting on a bit of weight. Her body is still as thin and beautiful as it’s always been, but her face and neck is now completely devoid of wrinkles (a surefire sign of a Botox injection), but everything else just kind of looks “puffed up”.

Obviously, without being able to look at the personal records of the Ashley Judd plastic surgery team, we’ll never know exactly what kind of procedures she had performed. However, from an outside observer perspective (and according to a number of industry experts), it’s pretty obvious that she used to terribly much filler in her face, too much Botox all at once, and it’s going to take at least a little bit of time for everything to “go back to normal”.

Did she have a nose job as well?

Though the Ashley Judd plastic surgery face swelling has been pretty much well-documented, that she may or may not have had a nose job in the recent past is still up for debate and the cause of much speculation and rumor.

It’s difficult to tell whether or not her nose still retains the same classically beautiful shape that it used to have even just a couple of years ago through all of that extra Botox and filler, but some are reporting that it has a different and somewhat more upturned look to it than it used to in years past.

This is definitely a bit of a shocker, as Ashley Judd was definitely thought to be one of the more classical beauties in Hollywood today – someone that would not get sucked into the “nip and tuck” kind of lifestyle.

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