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Are the Vanna White Plastic Surgery Rumors True?

Vanna White Plastic Surgery

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Vanna White is known to the world as the co-host of the Wheel of Fortune show. Not only is Vanna a charming presence, but she also seems to have been gifted with some amazing genes which keep her young even through her late fifties. We are well aware of the fact that Vanna White lives a healthy life and we are no strangers to the miracles of quality beauty products and professional makeups. Nevertheless, this charming woman is almost 60 years old yet she does not look a day over 40. Therefore, we can’t help but wonder whether or not the Vanna White plastic surgery rumors are true. Since the Wheel of Fortune co-host has never confirmed these rumors, the only thing left to do is analyze some before and after pictures and see if we can find some proofs which would support these rumors.

Botox and other facial surgeries

The first photo was taken in 2007 and as you can see, despite the heavy makeup, Anna’s wrinkles are very obvious, especially on her forehead, around her eyes and around her mouth. Although these wrinkles were visible, they are still very subtle considering her age. Nevertheless, in the second picture which is more recent, Anna has significantly less wrinkles. In fact, the wrinkles on her forehead are almost completely gone and the area around her mouth is a lot smoother and tighter. Even her cheeks look fuller and rejuvenated, making her smile younger and more luminous.

The allure of eternal youth

These pictures are different from the normal before and after photos that we usually analyze. If the Vanna White plastic surgery rumors are true, we can only congratulate her surgeons for a very subtle and efficient job. Vanna doesn’t show any of the classic signs of plastic surgery. Her smile is natural and not expressionless, and her skin is smooth yet not extremely tight. The pictures featured above are very relevant and suggest that Vanna might have had several encounters with Botox and she might even have had some cheek implants. Nevertheless, the result is simply stunning, and if we didn’t know any better, we would say that Vanna is aging with grace, something that few current celebrities know how to do.

Were the surgeries a success?

As Vanna is quickly approaching her 60s, it will be a lot harder for her to maintain her youthful appearance. This may cause her to turn to plastic surgery yet again. However, from what we have seen, this road never leads to anything good. Most of the people who become addicted to plastic surgeries end up looking completely disfigured. Therefore, if the Vanna White plastic surgery rumors are indeed true, our advice for her would be to stick to the current surgeries. She looks amazing for her age, and we doubt that she would look old, even in her 70s.


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