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Are the Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery Speculations True

Linda Evangelista Plastic Surgery

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Being in her late 40s hasn’t stopped Linda Evangelista looking amazing and impressing everyone with her youthful features. However, her skin looks surprisingly good comparing with other people of her age. Therefore, her fans started to speculate that she turned to cosmetic surgery in order to maintain the aspect which made her famous. So, here are the Linda Evangelista plastic surgery suppositions that made people question her natural beauty.

Although they won’t admit it, most of the Hollywood celebrities have turned to plastic interventions in order to improve their appearance. However, if we analyze the way that they used to look in older pictures and the way that they look now, we can observe some obvious signs that they asked for medical services to achieve a new look. We suspect that the same thing happened in the case of the Linda Evangelista, as her skin appears to be smoother than it should, considering her age. So, did she or did she not have plastic operations?

What does Linda Evangelista have to say about her cosmetic surgery rumors?

The Canadian model declared in one of her interviews that she used Botox injections and nothing else to improve her aspect. Furthermore, she said that she is not afraid to let people know if she had cosmetic surgery, so she wouldn’t have any reason to hide such a thing. Still, according to the Linda Evangelista plastic surgery suppositions, it would be impossible for her to look the way she does without having had any medical support.

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Which are the signs that can indicate a facelift?

The supermodel who appeared on more than 600 magazine covers has no signs of any wrinkles, while the saggy bags that she once had under her eyes seem to have completely disappeared. Based on the fact that her eyebrows seem to be raised much higher than it would be natural, we can only assume that the Linda Evangelista plastic surgery rumors are true. Many specialists dare to say that these are the signs that can indicate a facelift, while others suggest that the plumpness of her lips may be the effect of collagen injections.

However, the famous model says that she uses only natural remedies to maintain the freshness of her face. Rose quartz is just one of the natural approach that is known for its healing properties and that the celebrity declared that she uses to combat the aging signs. Massaging her face weekly with this type of stone appears to be a solution to her wrinkles, so she claims that this is the method that she uses to maintain her good looks.

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