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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Just like many other Hollywood celebrities, Anna Faris has used cosmetic procedures as a way to enhance the way she looked. The talented actress is very appreciated for her roles in the “Scary Movie” series, but also for her fresh aspect and her great image. Although there are many Anna Faris plastic surgery speculations, the celebrity didn’t discuss too much the rumors according to which she used medical support to enhance her appearance. The only thing that she agreed to talk about was her breast augmentation, and the factors which determined her to opt for such a procedure.

What determined her to get breast implants?

According to the artist’s sayings, her first marriage didn’t work because her husband couldn’t deal with the fact that she was becoming famous. As she started to receive important offers for starring roles, her marriage began to fail, and she and her husband didn’t seem to find a way to work thing out. After her divorce, Anna decided to enjoy her single life as much as possible, so she started by getting a breast augmentation. She declared in one of her magazine interviews that she underwent cosmetic surgery because she wanted to enhance the way she looked and she wanted to feel great about herself again. Judging by the appearances, her procedure was a success, as she looks even more incredible now.

Does the star have other plastic interventions?

Anna explained several times that she had a breast enhancement in order to recover from her divorce, and not because she wanted to increase her chances to build a strong career. However, there are some Anna Faris plastic surgery rumors according to which she used other tricks to maintain her success. As we all know, Hollywood stars would use any trick they can to remain in the spotlight, especially when there are so many other talented people yet to be discovered. Furthermore, it seems that Anna Faris is one of the actresses who decided to improve her aspect in order to maintain a fresh appearance and to prevent aging signs from appearing.

Which are the cosmetic enhancements that the actress opted for?

Based on the way she looked in older photos and the way she looks now, the 38 year-old might have used Botox injections, lip augmentation and a nose procedure to achieve a better image. The lack of wrinkles on her forehead and the fact that her skin looks so tight might indicate that the artist used Silicone or Botox injections to achieve a fresh look. Moreover, considering the Anna Faris plastic surgery speculations, the actress might have opted for Rhinoplasty in order to make her nose match her other facial features. The shape of your nose can influence your entire appearance, and that is why most of the stars opt for achieving the perfect image by reshaping the structure of their nose.

Chin implant and brow lifts

Considering the opinion of certain plastic surgeons, it looks like Anna opted for a chin implant in order to achieve the perfect face shape. Moreover, the fact that she doesn’t show any signs of sagging skin under her brows indicates that she had a brow lift to make her facial features more appealing. Analyzing some recent photos, we can see that her brows are higher than they used to be, so we can assume that she must have got a cosmetic procedure to obtain that result. Still, makeup can also be used to obtain the same results, which means that we can’t say for sure if she actually had plastic interventions or she hired a better makeup artist.

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