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Analyzing Pictures of Courtney Cox Before and After Plastic Surgery

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

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Many Hollywood stars end up in the esthetician’s office once age starts to put its mark on their looks. Courtney Cox is not an exception and she is believed to have succumbed to various procedures, from breast implant to Botox and nose job. Analyzing pictures of Courtney Cox before and after plastic surgery will certainly clarify whether or not the actress has resorted to plastic surgery to improve her aspect.

Courtney Cox’s acting career

Courtney Cox, now at age 40, became famous in the early 90’s thanks to the sitcom “Friends” where she played Monica Geller, and since then she continued to play in many movies and she has a successful career. Although Courtney has always been a very beautiful woman, during these years she has repeatedly submerged herself to various cosmetic procedures. By analyzing the body of Courtney Cox before and after plastic surgery, we can state that she had a breast implant which really improved her aspect. The plastic surgeon did a great job by giving her a natural and beautiful new pair of breasts.

Rumors about her plastic surgeries

As for rumors on face lift or liposuction, we can say they are only rumors without any solid evidence to prove them right. Courtney Cox has always been preoccupied with her aspect and has struggled to stay fit and have a nice body and a smooth skin and has worked hard in order to achieve them. However, since she is so concerned about how she looks, she admitted that she will always be open to any type of surgery time that aging will require.

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Courtney and Botox and collagen

If we were to look at photos of Courtney Cox before and after plastic surgery, we would suspect her of having resorted to many procedures, from lip enhancing to Botox injections. The actress admitted that she had various amounts of Botox injected all over her face, which made some grimaces impossible for her. She said that Botox is “fantastic and horrible”, since it did wonders with the wrinkles on her face but also created difficulty in moving her face. Also, Courtney was recently seen by paparazzi with some swollen and deformed lips, showing that she passed through an esthetician’s office for injections of collagen and other interventions. Since in Hollywood, the trend of plastic surgeries is blooming, no wonder Courtney felt the need to maintain a young aspect in order to get roles in movies. But we cannot keep from wondering if is it possible for these actresses to age naturally without recurring to the knife.

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