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Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery

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Amanda  Bynes is one of the most controversial stars from Hollywood. The 28-year-old troubled actress began her career at the age of 7, and she was placed in the spotlight in 1999 when she received one of the most important roles of her life in the “The Amanda Bynes Show” TV series. Although her chances of success seemed promising, her outrageous behavior affected her career in a negative way. During the years, she was arrested for possession of marijuana, and she was hospitalized after an evaluation according to which she started a fire on a stranger’s property due to a mental disorder. Another strange behavior was spotted when Amanda started to talk about her eating disorder and her attraction for plastic surgery. Based on the way that she looks now, the Amanda Bynes plastic surgery signs are easy to spot, especially if we take a closer look into her chest area.

Breast implants

Among the numerous procedures that the star opted for, the most obvious Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is represented by her breast enlargement. The celebrity has revealed details about her cosmetic intervention on her Twitter account, where she posted a large number of photos in which anyone could see that she chose to have a breast augmentation to improve her aspect. Although she chose to go under the knife because she wasn’t satisfied with the size of her breasts, the star declared later that she had her implants removed because they were too uncomfortable. Some of the photos that she posted on Twitter were topless, so her fans could see the difference between the way she looked before having the surgery and the way she looks now. Furthermore, although her audience thinks that the intervention wasn’t necessary, they admire the star for her sincerity. Moreover, her fans appreciate her for admitting that she made a mistake when she opted for breast implants, especially since most of the Hollywood stars don’t even want to admit that they went under the knife to enhance their aspect.

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Nose job

According to the actress, she opted for a nose job because she was not happy with the fact that she had webbed skin between her eyes and her nose. Furthermore, she claims that undergoing this type of surgery helped her boost her self-confidence, and feel better about the way she looks. Amanda even asked magazines to stop publishing old photos of her, because she believes that she looks much prettier after having her nose intervention, which is why she want tabloids to use new pictures of her. Moreover, she got really upset after noticing that blogs and magazines continue to use old photos of her, and she felt the need to write about it on her Tweeter account. The celebrity expressed her desire to have surgery on her entire face to correct the things that she doesn’t like about her, and she followed her plan by having another nose procedure and by planning for the third one. It appears that the Amanda  Bynes plastic surgery rumors according to which the star won’t stop until she will alter her entire appearance are true.

Is she embracing change in a bad way?

Over the years, we have seen many photos of Amanda’s extreme makeover. Besides choosing to go under the knife to enhance her looks, the celebrity also got her cheeks pierced and shaved half of her hair off. She looks tired in most of her pictures, which might indicate that she has a chaotic lifestyle that affects her overall life. Her parents recently declared that Amanda is unable of taking care of herself, and they even said that she might represent a danger for those who surround her. Based on the fact that she started her acting career in a great way, receiving roles in popular movies like Big Fat Liar, What a Girl Wants, Hairspray, She’s The Man, and Robots and Love Wrecked, we can safely assume that she has a great acting talent. Therefore, her chances to appear on the big screen again could increase if she would adopt a proper behavior. All in all, we hope that she will get better, and that she will stop having plastic surgeries. After all, she is one of the lucky people who were born with natural beauty, so she doesn’t need any cosmetic procedures to look great.


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