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All You Need to Know About the Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery Speculations

Naomi Campbell Plastic Surgery

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It is known the fact that models of all time have turned to all sorts of interventions in order to have a successful career. Naomi Campbell is one of the most famous persons in the fashion industry, but according to some media speculations, she gained her fame by using some arguable methods to maintain her beauty. So, if you are wondering which is the secret of Naomi Campbell plastic surgery is the answer that you are looking for.

Good genes or surgical fountain of youth?

Although Naomi Campbell has a natural beauty, it seems that she turned to some questionable practices as a way to maintain her youth. According to some media speculations, she went under the knife to preserve the image that made her so famous during all these years. So, just like other Hollywood stars, she had several interventions, and this is one of the secrets that helped her to preserve her fresh aspect.

Naomi Campbell’s plastic interventions- before and after

It seems that Naomi was very unsatisfied with the way that her cheeks used to look. It didn’t matter that she has amazingly beautiful features, because she felt the need to correct something that she thought it didn’t look right. Therefore, she opted for improving her face shape, and now her cheeks look fuller than they did before.

Another Naomi Campbell plastic surgery rumor implies the fact that the British model had a tummy intervention to make her waist look smaller. She saw this as a way to eliminate fat and maintain a thin body. Furthermore, recent photographs show a big change in her aspect, as her nose looks different that it used to. Considering her age, it is safe to assume that she also uses Botox injections to prevent wrinkles from appearing.

However, in one of her interviews, Naomi declared that people should turn to plastic interventions only for their personal needs, and not for a job. According to her sayings she has a scar on her upper lip since she was three years old, but she never wanted to get it done. She thought that using makeup to cover it is more than enough, so she was never bothered by the way that her lips look.

Another Naomi Campbell plastic surgery speculation refers to her nose job. Comparing pictures from the beginning of her career with recent photos, you can see that her nose has a smaller bridge than it had in the past. However, the most important thing is that her interventions didn’t have any bad consequences, which means that she won’t have to deal with awful side effects that we can see on other celebrities.

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