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Teen Star Took Hollywood by Storm

alexa vega plastic surgery Alexa Vega’s acting career is nothing to sneeze at. With such hits under her belt like costarring with Helen Hunt in the 1996 film Twister, and starring in the ABC family Series Ruby & the Rockets as well as the series Spy Kids, she is quite an accomplished actress. In 2003, she was honored in Vanity Fair as the hottest teen celebrity of 2003. Quite a resume as a young teenager. And quite a reputation to live up to and continue as she matured from teen into young lady.

Hollywood’s Pressure Cooker

It’s also a lot of pressure for a young girl given so much at one time.  There has been much speculation as to whether Vega has had plastic surgery, on everything from her breasts to face to liposuction, and one can’t help but wonder if she is caving to the pressure of Hollywood to maintain her “it” status. Judging from her before and after photos, most recently of her attempting to rock a teensy weensy bikini to prove she still has it, her talent has been overshadowed by self-doubt. Which is a shame, however in Hollywood, this is how the game is played. Her face is noticeably more shiny and tight, and her breasts appear to be larger and taken on a different shape and much larger cup size.

Alexa Vega Plastic Surgery Before & After

Rocking the “It” Factor at all Costs

Accusations began to come after Vega starred in the movie Machete Kills and she was sporting a western style leather bikini that displayed much (too much in our opinion- whatever happened to “less is more”?) of her breasts. She was practically falling out of the bathing suit, which was barely there to begin with.  Going back over her previous photos and film clips, there is no way, no amount of exercise, stuffing or prosthetics that would alter her appearance that much. (We’re talking at least 2 cup sizes)  Which leads us to believe that, while her fans defend her and deny she had a boob job, we know what we see and it doesn’t take a spy to figure out that she had them done. We only hope that she took the necessary measures to ask the proper questions and that the procedure was done properly and safely to avoid further complications later. What is most troubling, however is the tweet she sent out in that teensy weensy bikini (and yes, we’re going to say it, it was raunchy) and the message she is sending to impressionable young girls and reinforcing to older women that “Plastic Makes Perfect.”

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Even more alarming is the age with which girls like Vega choose to undergo these procedures. Plastic surgery or “going under the knife” or “having work done” was reserved for women at least over the age of 50. Now, girls who are just emerging from puberty and entering into their young womanhood are beating a path to change their looks even before they’ve stopped growing. That perhaps is the saddest thing of all, and women like Vega in the public eye need to take that into consideration.

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