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Alexa ray joel plastic surgery

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Alexa ray joel plastic surgery While she is popularly known as the daughter of the Piano Man, Billy Joel, she is also a budding artist in her own right. Like her mother, young Joel has been plagued with rumors that she underwent plastic surgery due to the very obvious changes in her facial features in recent years. Indeed her recent photographs have more or less proven that the Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery rumors are true. Among the most obvious works she had done is her nose, which now looks tapered compared to its more prominent shape prior to the rhinoplasty.

Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job
Alexa Ray Joel Nose Job

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Before & After

It is also rumored that Alexa Ray also got breast implants, but she adamantly denied undergoing such procedure. In the past, she has revealed dissatisfaction with her looks particularly her prominent nose. She specifically mentioned hating being photographed on the side (profile) because it makes her nose look even larger and disproportionate to the rest of her face.

alexa ray joel plastic surgery
alexa ray joel plastic surgery

Incidentally, Alexa’s mother Christie Brinkley, also had cosmetic surgery around the same time (2010). Brinkley, now 60 years old, has had a “mini face-lift” procedure, which gave her a much tighter looking face minus the previously conspicuous laugh lines and crow’s feet. It is unknown whether Joel and Brinkley planned to get surgery at the same time or if it just turned out that way.

Based on the photos of Alexa Ray Joel from 2010 onwards, it appears that she also got fillers for her lips. In addition, her eye bags have considerably disappeared, giving her a fresher and younger appearance. Both Joel and her mother seem happy with the results of their respective surgeries and appear to be content with their looks, at least for the time being. It is rather common these days for celebrities and their children to look almost like sisters/siblings despite their wide age gap, thanks to the miracle of cosmetic surgery and Botox.

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